Team Expectations

  1. Practice will begin at 3:00 every day after school. Attendance will be taken. Excessive tardies and unexcused absences will result in athletes being unable to compete at meets and termination from the team. If you need to miss a practice, you must let the coach know IN ADVANCE. If you are late to practice, you must have a note from a teacher.
  2. Practice will run until 4:30-4:45. Make sure you have a ride at that time.
  3. Saturday practices will be held at Sessions Woods from 9-10:15. These practices are mandatory. If you need to miss a practice, you must talk to the coach IN ADVANCE and explain why.
  4. Clothing: Be prepared to be outside everyday, and dress appropriately for the weather. (Wear layers!)
  5. Nutrition: Make sure you are eating breakfast and lunch and bring a nutritious snack to practice. You will not improve if your body does not have the proper energy.
  6. Always bring water to practice! Dehydration is a horrible way to die.
  7. Use caution when running on the road. Run single file and always on the left side of the road. Headphones are not to be worn. Being hit by a car is also a horrible way to die.
  8. No cellphones should be used during practices or meets. Using a cellphone won't kill you (probably-- the research on rising cancer rates connected to cellphone use is inconclusive) but that does not make this rule any less important.
  9. Athletes are expected to go to all meets.
  10. Practice hard every day. If you are going to do extra workouts outside of practice, be sure to let the coach know. It's important that your body get rest during the season.
  11. Follow all CIAC rules and regulations along with those stated in the student-athlete handbook.
  12. Demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times!