Summer Training

If we are going to have a successful season, it is important that everyone train over the summer. You don't want to come to the first practice in August out of shape. Here are some guidelines for what you should be doing over the next two months.

1. Each week, you should complete a variety of different workouts.

a. At least one day a week, go on a steady-pace run-- relatively slow, long distance training. The trick is to get in a long distance at a comfortable pace that can be maintained for 45-60 min. (Comfortable pace means you should be able to hold a conversation while running.)

b. At least one day a week, go on a tempo run-- at least 20 minutes, at about 30 seconds slower than your 5k pace. Or, instead of a tempo run, run at your 5k race pace for 1000m or 1200m repeats.

c. At least one day a week, do interval training-- 200m, 400m, or 800m repeats on the track, with rest in between. You could also do ladders. Mix up the distances to keep it from becoming too tortuously boring. (I hate running on the track, too, but you need to do it!)

d. At least one day a week, do hill repeats as part of your workout. Also, if you can, try to work a good hill into every run you do.

e. At least one day a week, REST!

2. Make sure you WARM UP and COOL DOWN before and after every workout. STRETCH!!

3. There are lots of other ways to get in shape besides running-- bike riding, swimming, etc. will take some of the pressure off your legs. Core workouts and strength training are also very beneficial.

4. Try to enter some races during the summer. They are fun (once they are over, at least), and a good way to keep track of your progress. I recommend the Bristol track club races on Marsh Road in Bristol. They run every Wednesday at 6:30. The course is 3.7 miles with a good hill and it costs only $1 to enter the race ($5 for the whole summer). I used to run these races (with several of my teammates) when I was training for cross country and found them very helpful. There are many other local races as well this summer-- here is a website that lists many of them:

5. Run with your friends and teammates-- training is much more pleasant (or, let's not get crazy, much less unpleasant) when you have company, so train TOGETHER!


In the end, it is less important what you do to train than that you do something. Push yourself as the summer progresses-- each week your mileage should go up. Get out there and work hard this summer, and I guarantee you will see the results when we start competing in the fall.